Sunday, 2 September 2012

5 Tips to Survive The School Year (Financially)

So it has began. Starting from tomorrow – and for some, even earlier - hundreds of thousands of schoolchildren will begin their next academic year, with challenges not only in terms of school performance, but for some in finance as well. Be it buying your yearly dose of school equipment, or sparing enough money for night outs on Friday after a busy week of study – Schoolonomic now presents five easy tips about surviving the next school year – with as much money left as possible.

1. Recycle!

Our first tip might sound obvious, but it's value is greatly underestimated in effect. Broken pencils, half-written exercise books, old watercolour paint sets – instead of letting them lay around in inaccessible cupboards, take the time to find them! Re-sharpening 4 or 5 layaway colour pencils substitutes buying a brand new set, and instead of using a new booklet for every separate task, consider re-using the ones with blank pages left from last year. The spared money in the end can go a long way reducing your school starting costs.


What do you do at school? In better cases, you study. And if studying is something you're good at, then why not consider taking part in competitions with valuable item prizes? Be it earning you a free book, a free museum entry or some actual money, competitions can go a long way in acquiring you items you wouldn't get otherwise. Think outside the box – actively search for competition possibilities in the subjects you're interested in. There is a good chance you'll find something – and if you study hard enough, you'll be sure to win a prize – but even if not, participating can help your later academic career a lot.


Even though you'll be staying in school for most of your day time, there are still plenty of opportunities to take up a part-time job in the afternoon. Read our guide on how to find work opportunities which suit you – even though the amount of money you earn this way is small compared to an adult salary, the gained experience will put you in an advantageous position compared to your peers, both in school and later during your career.

4.Use coupons and discounts!

Are you tired after school and you wish to hang around with your friends somewhere in town, but you lack the money to do so? There are plenty of relatively unknown opportunities to spare money on night-outs – just to mention a few, you can buy last-minute tickets for theatres, use coupons at fast-food restaurants, or go to pubs on "Golden Fridays" or similarly named days when there is a discount for either certain products or certain groups of people, like students. Being on the lookout for such opportunities will in the end earn back the invested effort multiple times.

5.Buy at the best possible location!

When thinking about buying food because you're hungry, people generally choose fast food chain restaurants – which are actually very ineffective in terms of costs. Instead of McDonald's, Burger King or Subway, why don't you try the local Chinese or Turkish food vendor? Certain types of food such as Doner Kebabs are available for half the price of a traditional fast food tortilla, but are equally filling. And it's not only food – again, thinking outside the box and shopping at unfamiliar places will earn you much reduced costs, and more value for your money. Don't be afraid of trying out something new - in the end, it is only you who can help yourself leaving more money in your pockets.

Did we forget something? Add your tips to the list in comments, or say which one is your favourite.

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